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:: The African Council for Adult Experiential Learning ::
:: The African Council for Adult Experiential Learning ::
  • Do you believe that a primary or high school dropout who has built his own company for the last 20years and has achieved practical work and life experience is the same as a Form 4 student who got a B+ grade last year?

  • Imagine if a College or University had a tool to measure and extract equivalence of your Life and Work Experience, you would be the next professor!

  • Why should you squeeze with youth who are the age of your children or grandchildren in the same class yet we are almost beyond 21st century with many options and methods in education?

  • Why should an adult with many years of life and work experience be forced to struggle with meaningless theories and concepts yet there are modern methods of education?

Modern Kits Acquired

The council for Experiential Accreditation has acquired modern kits (software and biometric equipments) that will make evaluation of Life and Work Experience to be done remotely, easily and efficiently.

In this regard, adults can now access this service from the comfort of their offices or homes via online link.

The Council Cautions Citizens

The council warns citizens that there are people who are casually looking at people’s CVs and pretending that they can evaluate a CV and then provide you with exemptions.

This is mere marketing gimmick that will just get you admitted to these institutions to take a course (ostensibly faster) BUT this will never benefit your organization and further development. This is because there is no scientific evaluation of your creative potentials, Gifts, acquired Talents, Life and Work experience to ensure that you can exceed expectations.

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